What is www.sales.care?

Sales.Care offers an online platform where professionals (not individuals) can sell any new items each day and it's enabling trade on a local, national and international basis.

Sales.Care is "vendors community" made up of buyers and professional sellers.

Sales.Care is a project which started its development in May 2011 as Daily Deals Aggregator under the name of AllNewDeals.Com. But later in 2014 we felt that most vendors need a well structured and easy to use Online Store platform, where they can create Online Stores with or without the help of a web design and internet marketing professional (like Online Creations Ltd used to be). So we decided to start developing this Online Store platform under the name www.Sales.Care. And right now we can present to you a complete product where Vendors and Customers can complete deals between each other. Of course we have many other features we would like to add to our platform and we are working every day to provide them to you.


How does Sales.Care work?

Our vendors have the opportunity to create online stores and sell items on Sales.Care.

Sales.Care encourages clear and honest communication between vendors, customers and SC team. Any member of the community gives a feedback to improve the environment in which anyone in Sales.Care work.

Sales.Care wouldn't allow abuse and fraud of any kind with any member of our community. 


Our mission is:

- to help customers find and discover anything they might want to buy online on the lowest possible prices, without any replicas and used items - only unique new items

- to help vendors who have already made or wish to have own professional online store - Create a Store FREE

Our 1st goal is to find the best stores for you and list them in our website.

Our 2nd goal is to provide maximum convenience to our customers when they purchase a deal. That’s why the most important for us is to provide the best service and help you find what you are looking for. You have the opportunity to check best deals of many online stores (from trustworthy companies) across the world, all together in one place. Regardless of the category, place and time, Sales.Care will try to provide you the best selling items and services, without digging through numerous unknown websites.

The best selection, the most beneficial offers, only in one place! 

Create a Store - FREE

Sell as a Professional - NOT as an Individual.

Anyone can become a vendor with FREE Online Store in Sales.Care.

As a seller you can use self domain name for your SC store (Sales.Care store).

Customers can see your products on SALES.CARE platform.

Seller has only to ship products to customers!


What is also FREE for our vendors?

FREE - Development Support

FREE - Internet Marketing Campaigns

FREE - SEO for your Online Store

FREE - Professional Admin Panel

Retailers & Wholesalers


Our retailers and wholesalers offer unique new items in different categories.

Our websites has the ability to offer everything from clothes and shoes to fishing reels and daily deals. And SOON - Hotel Reservations Worldwide