1. What is Sales.Care?

Sales.Care offers an online platform where professionals (not individuals) can sell any new items each day and it's enabling trade on a local, national and international basis.

Sales.Care is a project which started its development in May 2011. Today www.Sales.Care is ready to be the best website for online shopping and daily deals. Here you can find items and services from all over the World and we guarantee high quality and good prices.

Sales.Care does not actually sell any of the deals we publish. We are an aggregator website, which means that we collect the right online stores for you and unite the deal results in one place. When you find a deal in Sales.Care, we actually redirect you to some of our online stores, which is offering the deal, where you end up purchasing the deal. 

2. Is Sales.Care a group buying website?

NO!!! We are not a group buying website. Sales.Care is "vendors community" made up of buyers and professional sellers.


3. Why should I sign up?

Rather than searching any good offers from over 10 or 50 and more different online stores each day, now you can sign up with Sales.Care and searching and shopping at many different online stores with one registration. Also, once signed up, your deal preferences will be saved. So when you visit www.Sales.Care, you will be able not only to check Sales.Care for the day, but also to use your profile as filter for favourite deals, last visited deals and etc. You can also edit your preferences (subscribe) anytime when you are logged in.


4. How to purchase a deal?

When you are on Sales.Care website just click on the chosen deal and you will be directed to the provider’s online store (exact deal page) at Sales.Care and then click "Add To Cart" button. Each SC online store has there own Items Cart and you DO NOT need a registration before purchasing the deal.


5. I purchased a deal through one of Sales.Care online stores but - What now?

We can help you with the following:
Check your profile. You can trace last visited deals and those which you bought.
Check your e-mail. If you purchased a deal, the provider has most probably sent your shopping information. Don’t forget to check your spam folder.
And then - JUST WAIT and ENJOY :)


6. What if there’s a problem with the deal I purchased or some online store?

Any purchases you make are from the SC online stores themselves – the provider of the deal, not from us. Each of our online stores is independent unit and also our partner. 

If you have a question or concern, visit provider’s online store at Sales.Care (Example: http://s-design.sales.care ) and use the contact information. We advise you to read and follow the terms and conditions of each online store and/ or deal.

Sometimes it requires a couple of days to process all purchases. Also, some deals have restrictions, such as date, time, number etc.

If you encounter problems with the nature of the deal – the content is inaccurate, incomplete or the deal doesn’t work properly, or any other problem with some of our online stores – visit our page Report a Problem and share with us about the problem. Our team will take it up from there.


7. Can I report a deal in case something is wrong?

Sales.Care is committed not to display deals of a dubious nature and take strict measures to prevent it. If you do encounter something wrong or any irregularity with the deal that has escaped to us, please visit our page Report a Problem, fill out the contact form and send it to us. We will handle it immediately.


8. There was a deal in Sales.Care, which I really wanted to purchase, but now I can’t find it?

We frequently update all deals in our website, but some deals are so popular or have very short time frame, that they sell within minutes. If you can’t find a deal you have seen before, it could be that the deal is sold out or has expired and the online store removed it and replaced it with a new one. The best advice we can give you is to subscribe, before you miss wished deals!


9. How often are the deals updated?

Sales.Care and its online stores are updated frequently throughout the day.


10. How do I subscribe to receive newsletters from Sales.Care and its online stores?

It is really simple to subscribe for Sales.Care deals, which you are interested in.

You have to do the following:
Visit www.Sales.Care
Sign up by using our registration form on the bottom (left corner) of any page. 
In Newsletter field type your e-mail address and click OK button.
This way you will receive the best Sales.Care deals only in one e-mail. If you have any issues don’t hesitate to contact our team!


11. What kind of items Sales.Care offers? Any "replica" or any second hand items?

 Sales.Care and its online stores offer ONLY NEW ITEMS - NO second hand items or replicas or deals of a dubious nature.


12. How do I unsubscribe?

Unsubscription is on the same principle as the subscription. In this case you just have to unmark all marked fields in Newsletter Subscriptions page (go to My Account) and save the changes. This way you will no longer receive an e-mail with Sales.Care newsletters. Since you still will be our user, you can always login and subscribe again.


13. There are many online stores, which (still) are not aggregated into your website. Why is it so?

Sales.Care is advancing with every passing day. Our dedicated team is making efforts to find best stores for your country and we keep updating and improving our website. We assure you that we'll try to collect the best deals from many online stores as soon as possible! You can help us by sending a name of your wished store.


14. I am running a new online store. How to Create a Store and list all my deals on Sales.Care?

It is FREE - but first:

Please, fill out the contact form on our page "Create a Store". Our team will contact you soon!


15. Why to be a partner and list your deals on Sales.Care?

Sales.Care is created to make the life of our customers and vendors easier.

FREE - Development Support
FREE - Internet Marketing Campaigns
FREE - SEO for your Online Store
FREE - Professional Admin Panel
And many potential clients

As customers ourselves, we and our vendors are seeking to provide the best deals for anyone. The deals you provide might be relevant to some but not all. That’s why we offer to our customers a wide platform with extremely wide selection. This way we gain all potential customers to our website. Respectively, your deals will become more popular being visited by many new customers. What you get is: to be discovered by new customers, who didn’t know you until now; to compete alongside your competitors and not let them overtake you.


16. Can I advertise on Sales.Care?

You can fill out the contact form on our page Contact us with your request. Our team will contact you soon with more information about this option.


17. Do you have Facebook page so I can follow Sales.Care?

Yes, we have! If you like our website you can join our Facbeook page Sales.Care


18. Is my personal information on Sales.Care secure?

ABSOLUTELY!!! For more information, please visit our page Privacy policy.


19. I have a question or suggestion to Sales.Care. Whom should I contact?

We have a dedicated support team to answer all your questions and we welcome your suggestions.

Visit our page Contact us and fill out the contact form with your question/suggestion. Our team will contact you soon!