(Updated: July 10, 2015)



1.1. This document constitutes the general terms and conditions of use www.Sales.Care, general rules governing the use of the website and including the conclusion of a distance contract of sale between customers, consumers and traders having electronic stores (information spaces) located in information platform Sales.Care.


 2. DETAILS OF THE COMPANY, management information platform - SALES.CARE

2.1. "Online Creations" Ltd. is a company with a registered office in Bulgaria, Sofia, Krasna Polyana 1 bl. 103, ent. 3, ap. 7, fl. 2, post code 1330, with the VAT identification number in Bulgaria: BG200767658.

2.2. You can contact "Online Creations" Ltd. of the above address or via the contact form here (Contact page): http://www.sales.care/en/contacts/

2.3. "Online Creations" Ltd. administers the website and information platform (software) for free e-shops - www.Sales.Care. "Online Creations" Ltd. will be called and referred to as SC.



3.1. Trader (seller Merchant Partner Sales Partner) - each partner "Online Creations" Ltd., offering their goods / services using Sales.Care information platform serving the trades. As itself "Online Creations" Ltd. does not place trades on their own behalf. Trader wishes to sell offer goods or services by means of e-commerce, an unlimited number of potential customers through the electronic platform www.Sales.Care, as it has in virtual space known as Online Store.

3.2. Information Platform SC - platform (software) website www.Sales.Care, which provides electronic space to other merchants for making trades on their behalf (responsibility in sales) through it, under certain conditions, cajoled between them and the SC. Or in other words, the information platform is a virtual space on the website of SC with domain www.sales.care, developed by SC for the needs of electronic commerce, that space or part of it is provided by the SC for non-exclusive use by the trader, in which e separate online store with merchant located bids offered by the trader of goods and services in which the virtual meeting place and a contract for sale of the distance between the merchant and the customer;

3.3. Website - www.Sales.Care domain and its sub-domains.

3.4. Electronic Shop (Online Shop) - a virtual space (also called Online Store) in the website "Online Creations" Ltd. with domain www.sales.care, hired by the trader with access to it, and consumers, in which bids are offered by a trader in its announced promotional prices and in which virtual meeting place and a contract for sale of the distance between the trader and the consumer-seller-buyer;

3.5. Client is any natural and / or legal entity, user Platform Sales.Care the website www.Sales.Care, which made an order to buy a product or service from a merchant in the merchant's online store through Platform SC. "Consumer" means any natural and / or legal persons using and / or registered in Platform SC, duly accepted and general use of the platform;

3.6. User - any natural or legal person or other legal entity that uses the website of SC in any way, including but not only hear it, makes orders (buy, replaced, returned) goods / services offered by merchants having electronic shops in the platform Sales.Care and has accepted the general use of the platform.

3.7. Account - section of the site, aside from the email address and password, which allows customers to order and send containing information on the Client and the history of some of his actions at the Site (Orders tax invoices, etc.).

3.8. Order (Buy) - an electronic document representing a communication form between buyer and seller by the buyer tells the seller through the Site, its intention to purchase the Goods and / or Services Site.

3.9. Offer - any inclusion of a product or service and submit them to the users of the Platform of SC;

3.10. Goods and / or Services - each subject of the contract of sale of the site.

3.11. PROMOTION - any commercial communication aimed at the promotion of certain goods and / or services that are offered in limited availability, unless the commercial communication specifically stated otherwise, for a period of time specified by the Seller (s).

3.12. Contract - represents distance contracts between the Seller and Buyer for purchase of Goods and / or Services Site integral part of which these terms and conditions of use.

3.13. Content
• all information on the site, which is accessible through an Internet connection and use of a device having an Internet connection;
• the content of any communication from the buyer to the seller sent by electronic means and / or any other available means of communication;
• any information provided by any means by an employee / associate of the seller to the buyer by electronic or other means for its transmission distance;
• information relating to the Goods and / or Services and / or tariffs applied by the Seller within a specified period of time;
• information concerning Customers and related goods and / or services and / or the applicable tariffs of third parties with whom the seller has signed a partner in some form contracts;
• data on the Seller or other data relating to him.

3.14. Newsletter (Newsletter) - a means of periodic information on the developments offered by the Site or offered by Seller Goods and Services and promotions sent electronically via email or SMS, without being committed or determines the seller's responsibility regarding the information contained therein.

3.15. Transaction - action by the SC in reimbursement to the buyer as a result of termination or non distance contract of sale with the seller of the site, carried out only by bank transfer.

3.16. Details - all characteristics and / or descriptions of goods and services, as stated in the description.

3.17. Review - a written assessment by the holder or user of a product or service, edited assessment based on personal experience and skills of the evaluation to make qualitative comments and tell whether the product or service meets or does not specified by the manufacturer characteristics.

3.18. Rating - method of expression of the level of satisfaction of a user / customer / buyer in respect of a product. The rating is expressed in the form of stars, each product can receive an assessment from one to five stars. This satisfaction is accompanied by a review written by a user / client / buyer of a product or service.

3.19. Comment (Review) - review, evaluation or critical remark, the end of a Review or to another comment.

3.20. Question - Form of address to other Users / Customers / Buyers Merchants or site or to obtain information on products and / or services and others.

3.21. Answer - written information is transmitted to the user / client / buyer who has put in question the Website in the "Contacts".



4.1. Through your access, use or browsing the website www.Sales.Care (and its software) and online stores of various companies and traders located using electronic (information) space in it - you agree to the Terms and Conditions of Use Information Platform Sales.Care. Please do not use the services provided by Sale.Care, if you do not agree with all conditions of use.

4.2. You may not use the Services and may not accept the Terms if you are not of legal age to form a binding contract with firms traders Sales.Care performing trades, or is not permitted to receive services under the laws of Bulgaria or other countries / regions, including the country / region in which you reside or from which you use the services.

4.3. You acknowledge and agree that Sales.Care may amend any conditions of use at any time by posting changes on the respective terms of use of the site. By continuing to use the services offered by Sales.Care or electronic stores of the companies-dealers located therein, you agree that the amended conditions will apply to you. These changes take effect immediately and are binding for all customers-consumers / users.

4.4. Terms and conditions may not otherwise be modified, except in writing by an authorized officer of Online Creations LLC.

4.5. General conditions of the SC as mandatory for all customers-consumers / users of the site.

4.6. Any use of this site means that you've carefully read the general conditions of use and agree to follow them unconditionally.

4.7. SC has the right to unilaterally make changes to the terms and conditions at any time in its sole discretion or if they are imposed by enacted legislation. They may have a retroactive effect on the already delivered and confirmed orders.

4.8. In each case of changing general conditions SC will inform the customers by publishing the changes on the Site. In this regard you as a customer have an obligation to make reference to any changes in the general conditions of each site its use.

4.9. If any provision of these Terms of Use is invalid or unenforceable, for any reason, it not entail the invalidity or enforceability of the remaining provisions.

4.10. SC is making significant efforts to ensure the accuracy of the information presented on the website. However, considering possible technical errors or omissions in that information, SC specify that images of products are informative and persuasive, respectively products supplied may differ from the images due to a change in the characteristics or design them.

4.11. Features or prices of products listed on the site can be changed for SC at any time and may contain errors.

4:12. It is possible due to the limited space and the sequential structure of information, product descriptions are sometimes incomplete. However, SC and its partners traders will always strive to provide the most relevant and important information for you.

4.13. All goods, including those in PROMOTION sold and delivered to stocks even if it is not explicitly stated in the website.

4.14. The site may contain links to other sites. SC is not responsible for the privacy policies of websites that are not administered as well as other information contained in them.

4.15. SC is not responsible for the privacy policies and terms and conditions of use presented in sub-domains sellers traders having shops in electronic information platform Sales.Care. Therefore, each of these traders are completely responsible for the information and any purchases or sales offered by products / services on his electronic shop in Sales.Care.

4.16. Provide merchant offers, offers products and / or services at prices compliance with the Law on Protection of Competition and the Law on electronic commerce, is solely responsible for their accuracy and compliance with the requirements of relevant legislation, including is the only carrier breeds responsibilities, rights and obligations with respect to the users of its products and / or services arising from the distance.

4.17. SC is not responsible if his text supplied by the trader does not comply with all requirements of the Bulgarian legislation, including that governing the sphere of activity of the trader.

4.18. Tenders exposed to users on the website of SC, offers are created and offered by the trader, and only the responsibility for the correctness of disclosures in these facts, information and circumstances.

4.19. "Online Creations" Ltd is not a party to the contracts concluded between the trader and the client-user and no responsibility arising from the relationship under those contracts.



5.1. Account Dashboard - login page that allows the user to review the data and activity profile in SC. Having the opportunity to review their data summarized in one page. As also can edit and reach the settings of most of our products, the information provided by the User and the history of its recent orders.

5.2. Account Information - login page that allows the user to edit your user name, email address, profile picture (avatar).

5.3. Address Book - login page that allows the user to edit addresses for default payment, shipping addresses, default and add new addresses.

5.4. My Orders - login page that allows the user to view a list of their recent procurement of goods and / or services offered by traders engaged in buying and selling using the Site.

5.5. Billing Agreements - login page that shows the User Agreement billing, ie whether he has used online payment method in the purchase and sale of the site by platform PayPal. In order to simplify the payment process, customers, consumers may conclude an agreement with billing payment system PayPal (or similar online payment method that is supported in payments in sub-domains of the site), the payment service provider. During the payment, the customer chooses how payment will be made (if any opportunity provided by the Site or a trader offering goods and / or services). Payment system checks the billing agreement with its unique number and charge the customer's account. So you no longer need the client to enter payment information for each purchase.

5.6. Recurring Payments - login page that allows the user to check Recurring payments. They are most commonly used for subscriptions or products with deferred payment. Where a product such status was purchased from an online store in the site, the customer is redirected to the payment system provided by a third party. The customer enters into an agreement for recurring payments such as authorizing the payment system to charge the customer's account.

5.7. My Product Reviews - login page that shows the user a list of its comments on certain products / services / offers from the site.

5.8. My Wishlist - login page that shows the user a list of his wishes (favorite) products available in electronic stores Site.

5.9. My Applications - login page that shows the user a list of the applications that use it.

5.10. Newsletter Subscriptions - login page that allows the user to subscribe or unsubscribe from the newsletter Site.

5.11. My Downloadable Products - login page that allows the user to view a list of their realized (completed) contracts for goods and / or services offered by traders engaged in buying and selling using the Site.



6.1. By Order and registering on the website and its electronic shops, the Buyer agrees to receive the goods or services from the Seller for a fee.

6.2. The seller will send notification of registration of the order in his system, which has no sense of acceptance, confirmation or a commitment for its implementation. This notification makes seller electronically (e-mail) or by phone.

6.3. In this sense, the Seller has the right not to provide part or all of the goods or not to implement part or all of the services contract at its sole discretion including, but not limited to the depletion of the warehouse availability or price change. In all cases, Seller shall so inform the customer via email or phone. In this situation the sole responsibility of the seller to return eventually received advance price (amount) of goods or services.

6.4. The contract of sale of the distance between the Seller and the Customer is considered concluded at the time of receipt by the Client of its electronic mail and / or via SMS, sent to his phone a notification by the Seller that it is ready to send commodity of the Order or to provide services.



7.1. Access to the site www.Sales.Care in order to register the Order is allowed on each client-user.

7.2. SC reserves the right in its sole discretion to restrict access to any client to realize the Order and / or any of the possible payment methods, if it considers that it would be detrimental to the SC in any way. In this situation, only the client's right to turn to the section (page) "Contact" site to be informed of the reasons that led to the implementation of the above measures. SC is not responsible for any damage that client has suffered or may suffer as a result of this decision, regardless of its correctness or reasonableness.

7.3. The customer has the right to publish the comments, reviews and opinions on Goods and / or Services, and connects to SC section (page) "Contact Us" on the website. Posts or messages that contain obscene or politically or religiously oriented words, or any inappropriate dictionary will be removed from the site or ignored.

7.4. The seller has the freedom to process information obtained from clients without the need to justify their actions in this regard.

7.5. Communication with the trader can be achieved through direct contact with him or mentioned in the e-commerce addresses in the "Contact". The seller is free to handle the information received without the need to justify this.

7.6. In the event of unusually high traffic on the internet, SC reserves the right to require customers to input manually validation codes type captcha, to protect the information published on the Site and also SC is not responsible for the blocking, suspension or any otherwise lead to problems with the platform Sales.Care.

7.7. SC may publish advertising or promotional information Goods and / or Services and / or offered by it or by its partners, promotions for a certain period of time, and information about stocks.

7.8. All prices of goods and / or services on the site are final, announced in Lev (BGN) including VAT and all other required by law - taxes or fees.

7.9. In cases provided by law, the price of goods appearance electronics posted on the Website include green fee. If the customer / buyer asked for details on the exact value of the amount added to the price of goods, you must connect with those in e-commerce addresses in the "Contact".

7:10. In the case of online payments or payments by bank transfer, the Seller does not bear any responsibility for any costs associated with fees, commissions or other additional payments made by the Purchaser in connection with the transaction itself, and in the case of currency exchange applied by the bank that issued the customer's card, in cases where the currency is different from BGN. Costs associated with such payments are the sole responsibility of the Buyer.

7.11. All images featured on the site are only intended to create some idea of the type of offered goods / services, not to provide completely accurate. Accordingly, some of the images of Goods or Services on the Site (static / dynamic images, multimedia presentations, etc.) do not fit the look of the product or to create a false impression about the services offered. The customer has no right to seek any seller's liability for such discrepancies.



8.1. The trader may use subcontractors to perform the services offered on the Site without the need to notify or obtain the consent of the Buyer for that. The seller will be liable for the actions of such subcontractors as for its own.



9.1. The content, as defined in the "Concepts", including, but not limited to any logos, graphics or inscriptions commercial symbols, dynamic symbols, texts and / or multimedia content on the Site are the exclusive property of SC and / or Sellers partner of SC.

9.2. SC has, and retains all intellectual property rights relating in any way to the Site, whether his own or obtained through contractual licenses or any other lawful way.

9.3. Nothing in the contract concluded between the SC and the Client distance contract will be considered as authorization by the SC - the last copy, distribute, publish, make available to third parties, altered in any way any part of the contents, including but not only the content of the trademarks, logos, multimedia content on the Site or descriptions of goods or services in any way, including through the introduction of any external site content, removing the signs indicating ownership of SC on content. The customer has no right to transfer, sell, or distribute materials created by reproduction (copying), modification or publication of the contents except with the express written consent of SC.

9.4. Customer may not copy, transfer and / or use the Content only for personal non-commercial purposes only in cases where this is not contrary to the provisions of this chapter of this document.

9.5. Any content to which the Client has access, regardless of the means to do so is subject to regulation by these terms and conditions.

9.6. The customer has the right to use the content for commercial purposes and only if it has obtained the written consent of the SC for it and only part of the contents, the manner and extent of its use, and in the time limits to which such consent is given explicitly. Any further or other use of the content will be considered a violation of this contract between the SC and the Customer for violation of intellectual property rights of SC, which has the right to seek the liability of the customer.

9.7. Ordinary send to clients or referral to the content or parts of it by the SC will be considered as consent of the SC to allow customers to use the contents or parts of it for their own purposes other than personal needs, regardless of the means communication used by the SC.

9.8. It is forbidden any use of the Content for any purpose other than as expressly permitted in these terms and conditions or otherwise express written consent of SC.


 10. ORDER

10.1. The customer can make custom map by adding the required Goods and / or Services in the shopping cart, follow the steps mentioned on the website to complete and send the relevant Order.

10.2. Each added to shopping cart, a product and / or service is available to purchase within the available quantities. The addition of a goods and / or services in the shopping cart without being discharged does not lead to the registration of the contract and the automatic preservation of the goods / services.

10.3. The Customer undertakes and ensure that all data on the purchase, which is declared by the completed and sent to the Seller order are true, complete and accurate as of the date of dispatch of the order.

10.4. By submitting your order Customer authorizes the seller to contact him for guidance every possible way, when necessary in connection with your order or contract.

10.5. Seller has the right for any reason to refuse to execute (to cancel) by Customer Order, which shall notify the Customer. Cancellation of the contract does not involve any liability or obligation of either party to the other in connection with it and therefore none of them has the right to seek compensation from the other for its cancellation.

10.6. In case the customer wants to withdraw from the Treaty on the withdrawal period provided for doing so by the Seller shall undertake to return the paid pre-order within fourteen (14) days from the date on which it received notification of the Client that waives Treaty. Will be refunded the cost recovery (reverse transfer) at the expense of the Client - examples:
• Payments made by debit or credit card - by restoring the account from which the payment has been made
• Payments made by cash
• Payments on Consumer loan / lease - after the termination of the credit agreement and the recalculation of contributions to chalk - most often the bank account from which they have done amounts of loan installments or otherwise determined by the bank credit.

10.7. Seller has the right to delay refund in case of cancellation of the contract up to the receipt of goods sold or to obtain proof that they were sent (in intact form to rules of the vendor in the service of a product), if it is not He offered to take myself Goods, whichever occurs earlier.

10.8. Right of return of goods have only users under the Law for the protection of consumers in respect of goods offered by the seller partner SC - provided that when ordered more than one piece of brand and model product packaging only a product has been printed and the rest be returned to the seller sealed.

10.9. In the event that ordered and pre-paid goods and / or services by customers can not be supplied / provided by the Seller, the latter shall inform the client about it and recovers (his own expense) to the account of the Client already paid Goods and / or Service within seven (7) days from the date on which the seller has established this fact or the date on which the buyer is clearly expressed their desire to terminate the Treaty.



11.1. The customer has no right to withdraw from the concluded contract in the following cases:
• the provision of services where the service is provided completely and its implementation has started with the express prior consent of the user and confirmation of him that he knew he would lose his right of withdrawal;
• supply of goods or services whose price depends on fluctuations in the financial market which cannot be controlled by the trader and which may occur during the period for exercising the right of withdrawal;
• supply of goods made custom or according to its individual requirements, ie the supply of goods made to customer orders;
• supply of goods which by their nature can deteriorate or have a short shelf life;
• supply of sealed goods which were unsealed after delivery and can not be returned for reasons of hygiene or health protection;
• Supply of goods after they have been delivered and by their very nature are mixed with other goods that cannot be separated;
• supply of sealed audio or video recordings or sealed computer software which were unsealed after delivery;
• the provision of digital content which is not supplied on a tangible medium if the performance has begun with the express consent of the user who confirmed that he knows that thereby loses his right of withdrawal.



12.1. Customer agrees that providing any of their personal or other data to the Seller, he agrees that they can be used by the latter for any lawful purpose, whether they are related to, without the need seller to seek the agreement of Client for handling them in every case.

12.2. The customer shall not make public declarations, statements or other types of public disclosures on order or contract without the prior written consent of Seller.

12.3. Customer agrees to provide the SC unlimited volume and time access on any material and information sent to the Seller by or in connection with the Site, administered either has done an Order or transactions via the Site. Seller has the right to use, reproduce, publish and distribute this information or material. The client expressly agrees that the Seller is free to use and process for their own purposes ideas, concepts or know-how which the client gives in any way during or in connection with the Site or the actions / inactions that the customer has made in or in connection with the Site. SC has no obligation to keep such information received confidential, unless it was attributed to duty by applicable law.

12.4. By submitting their data to the Seller (including e-mail) The client gives express consent for him to connect SC or third parties who are partners of SC and suppliers of marketing and courier services, government, municipal or governmental agencies or companies in the field of insurance, where it is provided for by specific legislation and other companies with which the SC can develop common programs offered and the Goods and / or services on the market and others.

12.5. Customers are responsible for protecting the confidentiality of their password and account, and are fully responsible for all acts performed by their account or password. SC recommends that they be removed from your account at the end of each session, pressing "Exit".



13.1. Newsletters SC, containing information about discounts and other promotions are sent from partner vendors or SC.

13.2. At the moment the client has an account with the Site, has the opportunity to express their consent to receiving newsletters. The option with respect to consent to receive a Newsletter can be changed at any time, as this client should visit the page (link) Subscribe to Newsletter in your account.

13.3. Waiver of receipt of Bulletin client can express at any time as it should visit this page (link) Subscribe to Newsletter in your account and to remove the sign consent (called. More "check mark") and then press the Save button.

13.4. The refusal to receive newsletters does not mean automatic refusal of consent to the conclusion of this contract.



14.1. Prices of goods and services advertised on the site and www.Sales.Care in all its subdomains of sellers are final and include VAT and any other taxes and fees provided for in current legislation.

14.2. The price, method of payment and payment deadline in issuing invoices are listed in each Order.

14.3. The customer is obliged to provide all necessary information for the invoice in accordance with applicable law.

14.4. Seller will issue to the Client an invoice for ordering and supplying through Goods / Services provided on the basis of containing information provided by the Client.

14.5. Customer accept to (physically) receives the invoice with the goods, as well as electronically to the e-mail indicated by the Customer in his account or by uploading it to himself Account. In the event that such payment documents are not available for more than 48 hours (forty eight) hours login, please let us know at the email address: support@sales.care.

14.6. SC itself does not issue and not send invoices for purchases or other payments related to the purchase of goods and / or services offered by vendors partner of SC, which have an obligation to do so under current legislation.

14.7. With the proper preparation of the invoice for the order, the customer is obliged to continuously update the data in your account. He is obliged to review the information referred to in the Order to ensure that they are complete, accurate and precise.



15.1. The seller is obligated to deliver the ordered and purchased goods through courier to an address specified by the Buyer or in the office of the courier company, depending on customer choice.

15.2. The seller will provide appropriate packaging goods and sending the supporting documents.

15.3. Details regarding the supply of goods / services including, but not limited to those relating to the period of delivery / performance does not represent a contractual obligation by the seller to carry out the delivery / performance venue in service of a specific date. Accordingly, the client is not entitled to any compensation in the event that the date on which it was announced by the Seller that will deliver goods or perform services not respected.



16.1. Goods vendor offers all of the site guarantee of conformity of goods with the contract in accordance with applicable law and warranty policy of the manufacturer or an authorized distributor of goods. Exception of certain categories of goods which by their nature cannot be guaranteed, such as books, cosmetics, toys and more. to legislation and trade policies of the manufacturers.

16.2. In respect of goods sold and delivered by partners vendors through e-commerce platform www.Sales.Care, customer should receive in the supply of any good that there is a guarantee, a guarantee certificate with all the details of the service center, which provides repair during the warranty period. The warranty for goods that are purchased by traders-partner still in www.Sales.Care, is provided by authorized service, which is marked by the Seller of the warranty certificate in related goods.

16.3. Sellers partner of SC are solely responsible for the presence of legally required documentation that should accompany the goods purchased by them as well as providing warranty service.

16.4. The buyer is obliged to regularly update the data in your account and review them before any order, as seller will use them in completing and issuing the warranty certificate. The buyer should bear in mind that the seller will not re-issue the guarantee certificates issued on the basis of erroneous or old information that first is not updated, which will void the warranty of the products.

16.5. In case the buyer fails to notify the SC for the lack of guarantee certificate within a maximum of 48 (forty eight) hours of receipt of goods email address support@sales.care, will be considered that one has been provided by the seller.



17.1. The ownership of the goods will be transferred to their transfer to the Buyer once payment on his part. Delivery of the goods will be certified by the signature of the buyer transport document provided by courier.



18.1. On complaints related to purchase goods and / or services or any discontent to a Seller of SC, buyers have a complaint form available on the Website: https://www.sales.care/bg/contacts



19.1. Seller is not responsible for any suffered by the Purchaser or third party damages occurred a result of force majeure or that are beyond the control of the Seller. In all other cases the seller's liability is limited to a maximum value of the ordered and paid goods.

19.2. Sellers should independently and at their own risk to assess the applicability of the law on consumer protection to their offers.

19.3. Company "Online Creations" Ltd. (IT platform www.Sales.Care) not party to the agreements concluded between Merchant and Customer distance and bears no liability related to or resulting from the agreement concluded between Merchant and Customer contract.

19.4. The seller may not sell goods, representing the so-called. replicas, imitations of the original of a product, and products / services related to religious messages and preaching the religion and goods / services prohibited by law, and any violation of this provision may result in the immediate termination of contract between the SC and The seller by the SC, without it being necessary to give a warning or time limit for removal of the irregularity of the Seller. In this case, SC has the right to immediately terminate access to all or specific Offers Seller, without the need of making any advance notice to the Seller.